Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I can't wait!

I'm still waiting for my internal clock to reset to Washington time...

It's hard though.  I grew up in the South and my insides are telling me it's time to start seeing some green buds, and sunshine, and it's time to start planning a garden and starting some seeds.

But it's not.

It's raining, and cold and HAILING all over us.

I want to see little green things growing and promising me yummy food to eat.

Because, lets be honest...all I want to do is eat.

I really don't have the motivation to keep plants alive that don't feed me.

Yesterday the BEST thing ever happened...I looked outside and saw tiny green buds on my Plum tree!

As I run through nasty puddles, rain and hail storms I like to look around and see tiny green tops pushing through the dark soil.  Little green leaves on the trees can improve my mood SO MUCH, when I'm cold, wet and tired.

Now all I have to do is last a few more months AND talk Josh and Chrissy into expanding the space for our garden:)

What should we plant?

Tomatoes are a must...
A nice salad mix.  We really liked the Arugala last year along with Kale.
Kiwi berries (I'm really hoping the plants I bought last year made it through the winter)
Sugar Snap Peas
I really want to plant a TON of strawberry plants and this would be perfect!

Radishes (Sadly their greens are not spicy, they just taste bland. BUT they make great Pesto!)

I'm thinking of doing some Summer Squash and zucchini

But what I REALLY want to try/work is THIS!

I also just remembered that Jason said I could get BEES (Once we finish painting the house...for a while there I forgot what I got him to agree too. I should really write this stuff down)

Really I want to have a house with enough land on it, that I can grow so much food that I harass my friends with free food! I want some egg laying ducks, (maybe chickens...Abby's were nice but I still have flashbacks about the ones we had as kids).  A couple of goats would be nice, a small fruit orchard...very little lawn.

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