Thursday, January 02, 2014


Today was the first day of the Couch to 5k Program I'm leading.

After years of stalking the Road Runners Club of America to see when there was a coach certification class I finally lucked out!

Based on the number of running clubs in the area, I was surprised at how few coaches were listed in the area. I'm one of four.

I always worry when I'm leading groups like a Couch to 5k Program. I know how uncomfortable trying something new is, and mixing in the fact that it's exercise makes it even harder for people.  I want to make sure it's a positive experience for them, so they'll love it as much as I do:)

Even though it was starting to rain, I think we had a great time tonight.

Afterwards I got to go running myself with a group of runners.  I'm always torn between opening up and running at a faster pace or running with some of my friends. I really enjoy running with them, but I also really enjoy running fast:)

I think once I'm fully into marathon training (Week one!) I'll be more willing to settle back and run easy on my easy days.  It's just been forever since I've really been able to RUN.

It's also the first day this week that I haven't been crippled with soreness from that CrossFit workout Chrissy and I did.


I CLEARLY need to add more lunges and squats to my schedule.

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