Thursday, January 02, 2014

Polar Plunge 5k 2014!

I had always wanted to do a Polar Plunge but for some reason could never make it work out.  I was always out of town at the beginning of the year but LAST year I stayed home for Christmas.

My friends Chrissy and Josh heard me talking about wanting to do a plunge and they thought it was a great idea! (OK, maybe just Chrissy did, but at the very least Josh thought it would be funny to watch). 
They got Josh's family to let us use their pier and house AND let us invite 10 other runners to do it with us:)

Honestly I thought I would have to beg people to jump with me, but it turns out I make friends with people who think the same things are fun:) 

Go figure.

THIS year we got permission to have 30 runners AND Chrissy found some amazing medals...that SPIN.

Yep, you read that right.  THEY SPIN!
Didn't Chrissy do an amazing job on these?!

We met up this morning at 9am and ran a wonderfully marked course (courtesy of Chrissy) and then gathered together as group on two piers because we were too big of a group to be on one...We would sink it.

And then I stood on the end of the pier looking down at the water and remembered how VERY cold the water was last year.

And then we jumped!

And it was even colder than I remembered:)

I swear, it has never taken so long to get the surface.  I think I was in and out of the water in under two seconds.  I may not be a sprinter, but with the correct motivation I can really hustle.

Apparently I was so speedy I managed to fully submerge and get out of the water and still have dry spots on my shirt.

Jump number one
Twice! Thank you Nike Pro Dry Fit!
One of the runners who had signed up, had gotten stuck in Seattle and missed the run, only arriving in time to see us getting out of the water.

Because I have a remarkable ability to forget discomfort I told him I would jump in again with him if he still wanted to do the plunge.

He did. We did:)  It was even colder the second time!

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