Wednesday, July 09, 2014

5 Easy Steps to Going Crazy During Taper Week

Taper week is always the hardest part of training for a race. You work hard for months. You give up staying up late so you can get up and run at hideously early hours, and you skip fun activities because you've "got a run".

An upside is you get to eat a lot. That's not a small thing.

The worst, is during that last week, they take away your routine and then tell you to relax.

Yeah, right.

Easier said than done.

With that in mind, I decided to make a list of ways to go crazy during taper week.

5 easy steps to go crazy during Taper week

1. Run so few miles you feel like your skin is crawling.

2. Obsess about something you have no control the weather. Check it every hour starting a week out.

3. Start making lists of all the things you need to remember to bring/wear/eat and who you can talk into carrying it around until you need it on race day. Lose the lists.

4. Go over your training logs in minute detail, as if reading about your past runs will make you faster on race day.

5. Google "racing tips" and read as many articles as possible, even though #1 on every list is "don't try anything new".

P.S - It's supposed to be 92 degrees on race day! Lucky me!

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