Monday, June 23, 2014

Dirty Dash 2014!

Another year or more muddy fun!

I've done a couple of the themed/obstacle runs and I have to say, that the Dirty Dash is my favorite.

I'll be honest. I don't really enjoy paying $40- $60 for a crowded and sometimes non-timed "race". I don't need every event to be some competitive experience or anything, but I don't really enjoy jogging behind a huge crowd without any particular goal.

But I have a BLAST at Dirty Dash!

First off, it has some obstacles like floating water bridges (I could have totally made that one, if that guy hadn't crowded me and knocked me off!) There were walls to climb over...a lot of walls...have I ever mentioned my tiny "runner arms"?

I should probably do something about that.

There were big blow up water slides, a pyramid slid, mud mines, mud pits and so much MUD!

Devon and I have an ongoing mud battle that started at the first Dirty Dash in 2012.

Basically we try and get the other person as muddy as possible.

Just part of the crew at the end of the event.

The rules are straight forward. No rocks in the mud...pretty much everything else is game. We did have truces for when either one of us were helping another runner. Devon was really good about giving a helping hand to shorter runners or anyone who was struggling with an obstacle. It helps to be 6 ft tall sometimes.

I'm making a "mud angel"

As the middle child of 7, I have learned a few important battle stratagems.

Such as...never use all your ammo on the first assault.

Which lead to the following conversation with a random runner.

Me: Excuse me, will you hold this for me?

Her: You want me to hold a ball of mud for you?

Me: Yes. Thank you!

I think she understood, once I pegged Devon with my first mud ball and then reloaded with the one she was holding :)

By the end of the race we were both basically walking blobs of mud. It was fantastic!

My "before" jump shot, and my "after"!

Chrissy was horrified by the amount of mud that was falling off me at the finish line. Here I embodied two of her worst nightmares. Hugs, and slimy mud:)

Three showers later, I'm still getting mud out of my ears!

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Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Looks like fun! I need to make it one year!