Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jonesing for a Run Again.

Call me crazy, but I kinda wanna run another soonish.

That of course WOULD be crazy. I need to rest. I need to recover.

I've basically been training for a marathon since January. And before that I trained for like, 8 months of 2013...without a break.

I need a break.

I also need to run fast some more!

You know those really awesome runs, where everything clicks and you just feel like you could cruse forever?

That's what Light at the End of the Tunnel felt like for me. When it happens, it's a feeling that's hard to forget.

I'm pretty sure this is what addicts feel like when they're "jonesing"for a fix.

Science says I'm right.

There is also the little problem of my entire right leg. It doesn't bother me when I'm running, so it's easy to ignore, but when I'm sitting or walking it just aches.

I keep promising myself I'll do that silly little 15 minute yoga routine regularly again. I keep forgetting though.

It might be because, there is no such thing as a "yoga high".

It's probably a good thing that Randy lives out of state. We totally egg each other on...or he eggs me on. One of the two. He gets me running faster than I think I can even try to run and then it just happens.

Ready to run?!

In my brain I know I need to be careful and not get greedy and push too fast too soon. Seeing a jump in pace is awesome, but you still need to build a foundation to hold it, or you just open yourself up to injury.

I hate injuries. (Knock on wood, it's been years!) yeah, I'm totally not counting the whole right leg thing mentioned earlier. Didn't you hear? It doesn't bother me when I'm running, so it totally doesn't count.

I take it back. I DO wish he still lived in Olympia. Then I'd have a partner in crime!
(He said he'd totally do another marathon, even though he dry heaved during and puked after! If puking makes you feel better, it totally doesn't count.) Besides, if he can get a complete training cycle in he's going to crush me!

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