Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Josh!

It's official.

Josh is old.

He turned the ripe old age of 35 years this weekend.

I tried to tell him, it's all down hill from here, but he insisted on going white water rafting instead of sitting around doing nothing like old people are supposed to do.

Josh, Chrissy, Catherine, Drew and I all headed out to Leavenworth on Friday to camp for the weekend as well as raft.

We stayed at a great campground named Icicle Creek Campground that offered us, prime access to the river as well as privacy. It also offered Catherine a bridge! (She loves bridges).

We fell asleep under the clearest sky full of the brightest stars. Chrissy and I tried to get a photo, but we were tired and gave up after to shots. It was gorgeous though.

We woke up and ate eggs and sausage and had a nice low key morning before heading over to our rafting rendezvou.

We got the coolest guide, and we were easily the best boat on the river that day. Our guide Brandt did an awesome job and gave us special treats, like getting the boat into a tiny cave, where Drew did an upside down climbing move off the ceiling.

I don't have a photo of that, but trust me. It was cool.

Free High Fives!

We also kicked around downtown Leavenworth, eating gelato, chocolate and other tasty treats.

I also geocached. I got to place one of the travel bugs I took from North Bend before the marathon.

Geocaching it cool!

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