Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Boston Marathon 2017 Training Begins!

I didn't really talk about it when it happened but I qualified (and got in) to the 2017 Boston Marathon!

To qualify I needed to run a marathon in 3:40:00

...but to get IN I needed to run my marathon in 3:37:51 because the "cut off" time was 2:09.
about 5 years ago the Boston Marathon Association changed their entry requirements by lowering all age group times by 5 minutes and 59 seconds AND changing registration to a "rolling" registration. That means, that there are so many spots for a woman my age, and the runners with the fastest qualifying times get their chance to register first. Basically they run out of spots before they run out of qualifying runners.

It solved the issue of a registration free for all once they opened the site. Think Black Friday but with 30,000 people all trying to get into one store at the same time.

BUT...I got in:) I wasn't worried about that though, since I ran my qualifying marathon in 3:25:53

That means I need to start training in order to be in tip top shape come race day April 17th.

Speed work, tempo runs, and Long Runs are in my immediate future. I plan on using Run Less, Run Faster as my training program. I really like it because it gives me results without training time constraints taking over my life.

I've been dealing with some imbalance issues, so hopefully I can get those completely resolved while I train.

That means that I HAVE to be kind to my body and actually cross train...and stretch...and roll out. Last year I had a goal to do all those things, but I didn't do any of them unless my calves were cramped up or my hip hurt.

So...I texted Former Running Buddy Amy and asked if she still had a copy of the Iron Strength workout we used to do together.

It turns out she did!

It also turns out that I'm out of shape and made a really good decision to ease into the full workout by starting with one round.

So 2017 is the year of "Doing What I Was Supposed to in The First Place". It's a long title, but maybe it will help it stick.

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