Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Operation “Doing What I Was Supposed to in The First Place”

Operation “Doing What I Was Supposed to in The First Place” has been a rousing success…for the entire 4 days of 2017.

I have packed my lunch (I actually always did this, but sometimes things got a little haphazard in what actually made it in my bag.)

I even make myself real dinner. Cooking an actual meal for one person is boring and a bit depressing. I don’t have a TV (mine broke and I didn’t notice for 3 months, so I never replaced it.) but I totally get why sitting down with a bowl of whatever is attractive. Plus, I’m cold all the time so all I want to eat is warm carbs with cheese on it.

My birthday gift this year was the realization that I’m not in my 20’s anymore…and nearly not in my 30’s and apparently you can’t eat like that forever. WORST.GIFT.EVER.

My mother would laugh, and laugh, and laugh, until tears started falling if she knew I have started eating oatmeal for breakfast. As a child (and adult) I REFUSED to eat oatmeal. No matter what was added to it, it was disgusting and not passing my lips.

How the mighty have fallen…

Now I eat it (and a giant spoonful of peanut butter) for breakfast.

I pack some crunchy carrots to snack on, some random protein source, and fruit and I’m out the door. I’m planning on pickling some more eggs as well.

I joined a Burpee Challenge with some friends, for some Positive Peer Pressure and my burpees MIGHT be getting better. They are still pretty weak though. My tiny runner arms are struggling.
I’ve done my whopping 15 minute yoga routine to help with my hip mobility and I can already tell a difference. I don’t know WHY it’s so hard to remain consistent on this…I KNOW it works and it helps a lot.

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Bonnie said...

Way to go, girl! It took me a long time to love oatmeal too. Uncle Brian alway had peanut butter in his oatmeal :)