Thursday, May 11, 2017

Chocolate vs. Speed

It's no secret that I love my chocolate...and my baked goods.

BUT, now that I've reached the advanced age of 38 it turns out that I can't just stuff my face with whatever I want without also enjoying some of the consequences.

I also read that for every pound loss/gained is the difference of 3 seconds per mile. That doesn't sound worth cutting down my Nutella consumption until you do the math for a marathon.

I'm not fat, but I'm not at my prime "racing weight" either. I could train like crazy and really dig into my speed workouts OR...I could just not eat so much candy. I got my body fat percentage measured and it's reasonable for me to lose approx. 10lbs of fat.

Science is awesome but it still comes down to the human body.

But I can totally see why there are so many eating disorders in running.

Not only are you chasing the dream of being as fast as you can, you're also trying to find that optimal balance between strength and weight.

In MY personal battle of chocolate vs. health I've been trying to focus on eating more nutritionally dense foods by eating more veggies and all that.

I just have one word.


My muffins didn't look anything like this photo. They're a kind of brown/orange (which due to the carrots and sweet potatoes makes sense.) I even doubled the amount of coco powder and used Dark Chocolate Almond Milk rather than the vanilla the recipe called for, because while they aren't GROSS, they just didn't taste very chocolaty.

They are just as dense as the photo looks but without the gooeyness. The don't look anything like brownies and they don't taste like them either.

I won't make them again, because they are definitely NOT worth the carbs (30 grams) that they have in them between actual sugar, and the carrots and sweet potatoes.

But I'd eat them if I really wanted something with chocolate in it, and was desperate. 

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