Wednesday, August 02, 2017

I canceled my run...ugh!

Today I canceled the community run I lead each Wednesday. I think it's the first time in the seven years since I started that I've canceled.

I've run in snow, rain, wind, hail...but... 

The air quality is total crap outside.

There is a really large forest fire raging in British Columbia, Canada about 5 hours north of here, which is what is causing all the haze and poor air quality.

Normally I don't pay much attention to the air quality rankings. They always seem to be set at "Orange" and I'm lucky enough to not suffer from asthma.

But the air quality is total crap outside. I woke up today with a sore throat and thought I was getting sick (I'm not ruling that out, since I've been sneezing throughout the day as well. I can always tell I'm getting sick by how much I start sneezing.)

Then I went home for lunch and saw how hazy the air was, and got a headache just from that short bit of being outside. I couldn't imagine taking people out on a run in this.
They say there is a 5 mile visibility, but the Puget Sound is about a mile
from my office and you can't even see it.

Plus, the heat index is on the high side for us delicate PNW flowers ;)

It's like 90 degrees outside right now. It might as well be on fire.

Apparently thick forest fire haze is the same thing as "partly cloudy".

It's easier for me to make good decisions when it means I'm making them for other people. I'm totally OK canceling the run so that my friends run in safe conditions, but it's SO MUCH harder to skip the run if it's just for me.

Right now I'm blocking out that little voice that tries to convince runners to run even if they're injured..."just run'll be fine..."

It won't be fine. My throat hurts already and all I've done is sit at a desk inside an office all day!

But I still feel like I should do something. So I'm making this blog post to distract myself.

It's not really working.

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George Mesias said...

You did the right thing. There is an exception to every rule and a first time for everything. The health and welfare of others is as good a reason to make an exception. Perhaps it's a lay down and listen to audible kinda day, after doing some handstands or something.