Tuesday, August 08, 2017

I Quit Last Night

Last night I quit my run.

I'm not saying I cut it short. Or that I adjusted it due to the weather or how I was feeling.

I'm saying I quit.

I started it.

I tried to run the workout...

But it wasn't working. My brain wasn't working.

I don't think I've ever quit a run before.

I've never had that feeling of being completely DONE mentally before really even getting started.

I could blame the hot weather, or the smoky air, the fact that my quads are still hurting from the race on Saturday...or even the fact that I officially have a head cold. I've struggled through workouts in worse weather, with muscles that are in worse shape. I've even made the horrible decision to run while I'm sick. Sure my numbers suck when I do that, but I still get the run in.

I just couldn't do it yesterday.

I ran my warm up (because you know the first mile is always a liar...so I ran 2.5)

I ran the first Interval and couldn't get my brain in the game.

I started the second Interval and got about a quarter of the way through it when I realized...

"I'm done."

And I was.

I quit. I was done.

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