Saturday, June 11, 2011

It eats away...

I ran Sound to Narrows 12K this morning.

Somehow I managed to run it almost 3 minutes SLOWER than I did a year ago. Heather also kicked my trash AGAIN!

I was talking to my dad and he thinks my recent fatigue might be due to, well he said like three things.

1. Due to the FAN-FREAKINGTASTIC genes I have been gifted I'm probably anemic. TO be fair I actually have pretty good genes- Katie now- she got screwed. dad was sickly as a kid and highly anemic and apparently mom isn't so great in that department either.
This means I need to figure out which foods have more iron in them and eat them as well as figuring out which foods NOT to eat with the iron so that my body actualy absorbs it. Who knew eating was so complicated. (I AM pretty sure i shouldn't eat chalk though. Turns out it keeps iron from being absorbed.)

2. I need to sleep more- I'm taking this to mean I shouldn't stay up until after midnight and then get up early-ish. he might also being talking about running less- but I figure since it's my Dad we're talking's doubtful.

3.i had to think a minute about this one becausae it turns out I have a really short attention span. When I was little he trained for a triathalon and experienced similar fatigue during training and it turned out he was anemic AND he wasn't eating right. I think that this is why my Mom had a short lived effort of feeding us liver.
We had to eat as many bites as we were old and then we got a piece of chocolate cake. (The cake appeared on her second effort)
I'm NOT eating liver. All I remember is Dad getting EVERY condiment from the friedge in an effort to mask the taste. I also remember gaging and having to throw up my piece in the toilet.
I also learned that if you want to make a piece of unwanted food go away, carefully get the piece into your lap (no sudden movements- act natural) then remember when you drop your hand to deposit it under the table -give your wrist a little flick so that later when your mother realises that food was deposited under the table, it's NOT under YOUR chair. Aim for a sibling that wronged you.


Matthew said...

Bonus hilarity points.

Also, I now like eating liver.

Melissa said...

why not just go for a iron supplement? You may also want to have your Vitamin D levels checked, seeing as you get so much sun and all. :)