Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In my Car...

Last Saturday I went to a local race to cheer some of my friends on and one of their friends daughters wanted (was getting talked into) run the race.

The problem was that for some reason the race wasn't accepting "day of race registration".

Normally I'm all for following the rules- but this rule was stupid. Plus the daughter was new to running and I feel anything that encourages running is a good thing.

The thing was, is she was nervous about just jumping in and running without a number. I think she was sure they would pull her off the course and it would be humiliating.

We tried telling her they wouldn't but...Then I remembered- of all the crazy things I keep in my purse or car at any given moment, THAT day I had race numbers:)

No joke I had a race number sitting in my car just went we needed one.
If I thought God helped people break rules, I would have thought he worked this one out:)

So we pinned that sucker on her and off she went on her very first running 5k!

What's the strangest item you've ever had in your purse or car?

Other than a random race number, I've had yellow food coloring, as well as a seem ripper. What made the food color, and seem ripper stranger is that I was on a road trip both times.

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