Thursday, November 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Truth be told I don't really have anything to post that I haven't already.

Which is kind of Awesome...and Awkward.

I can't wait to start the crochet pattern my sister gave me for my birthday. It's a scarf/shawl. I've been unraveling sweaters for some new upcycled yarn options and found some beautiful soft dove grey yarn I want to use for something...

I have a ton of yarn. Jason is not thrilled.
He says I'm a hoarder, which is totally untrue. It IS true that I'm probably one family trauma away from being one though. so that's kind of awkward.

I love boxes. Empty regular cardboard boxes. They just seem too useful to throw away.
Boxes are awesome.

I love yarn too. The colors, the's all just fantastic! I love looking through patterns and learning new techniques in crochet and knitting (I just started knitting so all techniques are new).

I'm 3/4 the way through crocheting an owl hat for my niece. It'll match the one I made for my nephew (her brother) but instead of blue it's going to be pink with silver running through the pink.


Pinterest? Also awesome. I found a crap cake recipe yesterday and tried it out last night. Awesome! I'm making more tonight.


Amy N. said...

Crap cake sounds terrible.

My piano teacher was saying the other day that there used to be a girl in our ward who would get her yarn by taking apart old sweaters and how that was a smart idea. I wonder who that could have been...

Jerilee E. said...

crap cake... hehe.
I keep boxes too. The husband loves it ;P. Ok, not really. I don't even care.
I guess I should give Pinterest another chance. I just haven't gotten into it.

Amylee said...

Crap cake? Say WHAT?

Make me a scarf!

Terra said...

I can't imagine who that girl could have been...:)
Yeah, I'm the "weird girl" plus I was home schooled!

Which should go under the "awesome" category in case you're wondering.

Melissa said...

a) you are only HALF a trauma from officially being a hoarder.

b) I collect boxes too, but that's because I move so often. You collect them to put all your yarn in. ;)