Saturday, November 12, 2011

Running and cupcakes!

Amy picked me up this morning so that we could car pool with our awesome friend Andy Fritz to the second Cross Country race. we ate cupcakes as our "carb loading" breakfast while we waited in the car at South Sound Running)
As my birthday present he said he would drive me + one to the park so I wouldn't have to pay for parking!

Jason offered to babysit Amy's adorable sons while we ran the race so we took him up on it.

He needed a nap afterward:)

Amy won women's overall...again. and placed #4?

Heather beat me for 2nd women's so our times are going to be close for who was overall faster during the series!

If Amy doesn't make to the 3rd race due to piano recital scheduling issues it should come down to seconds between Heather and I.


I would love free new shoes but it's hard to be upset when a friend runs better than you.

Amy was also super nice and gave the running store guys her prize pumpkin pie. I felt slightly guilty about NOT sharing mine when I saw how excited they were to get pie during a work day...but it didn't mean I gave them my pie:)

It was a bit old but a great day for running and I really liked the course! Well marked, good terrain...all you could ask for in a cross country race.


Amy N. said...

I really love that course. I hope bill keeps it next year even with the pass. It was such a great course.

I went back to the store to get that mitten shirt (I am so excited to find one for my ape arms) and they hadn't eaten it yet. So they weren't that excited about it!

Amylee said...

So awesome! Way to go. I wouldn't share my pie either :)