Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Two in a row!

I'll be honest, I was a bit grumpy today and didn't really want to run.

Plus Amy is currently on this kick about wanting to spend time with her family, so she wasn't doing the group run.

My workout was 6 miles total.

2 miles easy
3 miles Short Tempo @ 7:23 pace
1 mile cool down.

Luckily my human metronome Kevin came to the run:) I need him to help pace my warm up miles so that I have enough energy to run the Tempo portions.

Mile 1 9:08
Mile 2 9:01
Mile 3 7:24
Mile 4 7:17
Mile 5 7:16
Mile 6 9:07

I got rained on, but on the bright side I didn't get hailed on like I did yesterday:)

I have to say I'm enjoying the fact that I'm making my goals:) I wonder if it has to do with remembering to take my daily vitamins...nah.

1 comment:

Amylee said...

Check it out- negative splits on the tempo. way to go!