Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rock N' Roll Seattle

I had the opportunity to run the Rock N' Roll Seattle 1/2 Marathon today:)

I had never run in one of the Rock N' Roll series so I was a little nervous about the sheer SIZE of these races.  I dont' really like feeling crowded while I run and I just couldn't see how 27,000 people all running the same route would fit.

One word...Corrals.

Sure it sounds like we're being herded like cattle...maybe we are a little, but it's totally worth it!  When my corral got it's start it really didn't feel any more crowded than Santa Runs Tacoma 5k last year.

Amy took off like a shot! But then, I knew she would:)  I also knew I would NOT be trying to keep up with her.  That girl is fast!

I had been worried about being too cold for this race since I only packed a tank top to run in, so I ended up wearing the event t-shirt (I know...) with the tank layered underneath.

I ended up taking the tank off (while running, because I'm talented like that) and wearing the tech shirt.  I also managed to drop my tank on the ground.

I left it.

The runners behind me called out that it had dropped and I just said "It wasn't my favorite!"  I was NOT going back for it.

It was muggy but otherwise pretty perfect for running this morning. I was hopping for a time of about 1:43 and ended up with a finish time of 1:45:06 which isn't too shabby.  There was a really mean hill at mile 5 that just kept on going...until it went downhill just as steeply.  A serious "knee thrasher".

We had to run through two tunnels which was hard since everyone KNOWS you're supposed to hold your breath through tunnels!  It was a little funny listening to all the Gamins lose satellite connection at the same time.

I managed a bit of a finishing "kick" at the end, which made me also made me a little "gaggy" but I managed to hold it in.

The medals are pretty awesome.  Amy was totally right when she said they were "satisfyingly heavy, but a little TOO heavy right after running."