Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Speedy Tuesday!

I had a great time tonight.  I mean, I always do, but running at Capital High School with my friends on a beautiful day was pretty awesome.

Blue skies with tiny puffy white clouds:)

It always means a lot to me when my friends come out and run with me.  Since a lot of us have different paces it can often make it hard to get to run together and meet our training goals.

Running at a track really helps with that.

I kind of bounce around to get the chance to talk to everyone and it's a lot easier when I don't have to sprint to catch up with someone and can catch up with what's going on.

I think it would be nice to plan a longer run in the next little while for a "real" run:)

I'm thinking around 5 miles at a nice pace where we can talk while we run.

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