Sunday, July 15, 2012

I really suck

I really do suck at remembering to blog...

I think of cool stuff to blog while I'm away from the computer but can never remember once I'm at the computer.

Plus, I'm a little lame to begin with... all I do is run.

Seriously.  That's what I do 5 days a week.

I run.

Monday I do a speed work with Amy.

Tuesday I do a speed workout with my other running friends.  It's not as intense as Monday's workout though.

Wednesday I run a Tempo run with my running club.

Thursday I run with a bunch of other friends from town.

Friday I sit around and wonder if I should set up an easy run since I have some free time. ( I don't though- it's kind of nice not having a run.)

Saturday I do a long run with Amy, OR I schedule a 3 mile run with friends at 7:00am and then turn around and run 6 miles with another friend at 9:00am

In between all that I nag my husband about him possibly massaging my legs.

I like running though.  A lot.

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