Thursday, July 26, 2012

200 miles, 6 ladies, 30 hours 47 minutes

Friday morning VERY early Amy, April, Jenna, Billie Jo and I got on the Ferry to go pick up the last two members of our All Female Ultra Ragnar team "No G.U.T.S, No Glory!"

This is how awesome I look at 5am- be jealous.   
Me, Amy, Shelly, Larissa, Billie Jo, Jenna
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This is me at my last leg.  I was in a hurry and put my number on upside down.  Shelly laughed at me and made sure we got a photo...I didn't bother changing it.

I drank over 50 oz of water on this leg...I only had to run 12.5 miles but it was so HOT!

Somehow Amy still had the energy to bust out this gigantic leap!

At the finish line!  We were all feeling so much better  now that we knew we didn't have to run any more:)

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