Friday, July 27, 2012

Running buddies shouldn't go on vacation.

While I was actually running my portions of our Ultra Ragnar I hated it.  All those stupid hills that stretched on forever followed by those dumb orange cones that never ended...

But just like all the other marathons I've run within hours of finishing I was ready to sign up all over again!

But right now, Amy is on vacation (if you can call chaperoning 30 girls at camp a vacation...which she does.)  This means I don't even have anyone to talk about all the tiny details of the race over and over again...Or dissect how I could have improved my performance...or just run with while we do both of those things.

Stupid vacations.

I HAVE gone running since the race (I did take Sunday and Monday completely off).  My legs are pretty tired.  I ran with my friends at the track on Tuesday, then ran with Club Oly on Wednesday (5 miles might have been a bit much) and then ran with the Pints' Pavement Pounders for 3 miles on Thursday.

I want to go running today but it's my "rest" day and I know I need it.


I wonder who I can talk into running with me tomorrow?


Amy N. said...

I'm back! I'm glad you missed me!

Though I'm trying really hard to be good and not run for a few more weeks. I'm on the brink of some serious burnout (I'm not as hardcore as you) and need to fend it off!

Jason Heilpern said...
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