Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Just a flesh wound!

Every Wednesday for the last three years I have run the same route...

I start at Marathon Park and run the big Lake Loop at Capital Lake.

I've run it in the sunshine, in the rain, in the dark, and even in the snow and never fallen.

But last Wednesday?

Yeah, I fell on my face... surrounded by six other runners.

I waited until I could get Jason to take a photo of my "wounds".

I even had Grace with me, with her leash around my waist to maximize the awkwardness of my fall.

As I was going down I realized I was falling face first so I tried to "tuck n' roll", which was a survival instinct left over from my VERY clumsy childhood.

(I've broken my wrists three times, chipped my elbow, had stitches four times, and been hit by cars twice.  This doesn't count the time I walked into the side mirror of a 16 passenger van and gave myself a black eye...in FRONT of my boyfriend and his dad. Or the times I've walked into door frames, or twisted my ankle. OR the time my dog gave me a black eye.)

I did manage to NOT smash my face into the concrete and ended up kind of rolling onto my back with my arms and legs sticking up in the air.



Matthew said...

I think you forgot to include your actual arm breaks in this.

Also, love the new theme, although you may wish to note that is cutting off the text on your banner on the right hand side.

Terra said...

I think I broke my toe at Girls Scout Camp one year as well...

Thanks for pointing out the banner...somehow in all the times I've looked at it I never noticed that issue.