Monday, September 17, 2012

JBLM Half Marathon

Well I didn't place in my age group...which only sucks because they give out awesome heavy medals for those awards!

I guess to be more accurate I DID place, I just didn't place in the top three:)

I got 7th place.

Amy, Heather and I have decided that as the distance of the race gets longer the older age groups get least that's our story about why I didn't get a medal and Amy did!

She placed 2nd! (Seriously those medals are awesome!)

We finished within a minute of each other but man were their some fast women in the 30-39 age group!

The #1 woman averaged 6:55 for the entire race!

I did get a PR for my troubles though (and two chocolate milks!)  I finished in 1:44:15 - I know this because Amy had my back and reminded me to TURN OFF MY GARMIN as I crossed the finish line.

Before the race started I asked her to remind me.  I have the memory of a gold fish.

I have no idea why I always look like I'm at cheerleading camp in race least I managed to not do the awkward knee bend thing.
I have also learned that I'm REALLY unobservant while I run.  During the Newport Marathon I didn't see ONE Porta Potty on the course, but when I mentioned it after the race (thank goodness I hadn't needed one) both Vaughn and Amy said there had been at least one at ever water station...I never saw them even though it was an out and back course.

During this race Amy mentioned that there were  little glow sticks laying in the road...I never noticed them until she pointed them out.  Frankly I'm amazed I didn't trip on them, I'm that clumsy.

It was a really nice race though, and I'd definitely do it again just because it's so affordable but also because the course is pretty flat AND on a well maintained road that has pretty trees and fields all around it. Running for hours can be super boring so I'm always glad to have something to look at while I do it.

It was also really fun to run with a group of friends and see other runners I knew on the course!

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