Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Running and some more running

Somewhere around Thursday I told Amy about a local race called Over the Narrows 10 miler...it was cheap AND we got a finishers medal!

I love me some bling:)

And cheap races...seriously, what's up with all those expensive 5k's?

Back in MY day a 5k was $20 or $25ish if you were doing "day of" registration.  Now, they might very well be $35- $40!

Free sport my foot.

Anyway Over the Narrows is $15! (without a shirt...I don't need anymore shirts) $23.95 if you sign up late and do it over Active.com.

Amy, Heather, Jemma and I all headed over to Gig Harbor and loitered around for an HOUR because of Amy's deep fear of being late to anything:)  I bought an Ham, Egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, which turned out to be much larger than it looked.

Don't worry Amy had my back..

Amy: "Is that warm"?

Me: ....

Amy: "chomp...hmmm...oh, can I have some"?

Luckily for us our friendship works because as Amy put it (as she was chewing her bite of my sandwich) "Both of us value food at the same level".

So true:)
A local restaurant was giving bowls of nachos after the race...my new favorite post run food!  The cow has nothing to do anything...we just wanted a photo with it:)

Heather, Amy, Martinho and I after the race! I love my new blue shoes!

Jemma, Amy, Andy, Me, and Heather post run

All photo credits go to Amy...I didn't bring my camera:)

The race went fantastic, we just ran to have a good time with friends.  It was Jemma's first time running 10 mile and she ROCKED it.  We all ran as a group and we even got the chance to run with our friend Andy, which due to his Ultra and Marathon Maniac status does happen to often:)

He's so fun to run with:)

Martinho rocked the hills and managed to pull in a new PR...I seriously don't know how he does it!

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