Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Yesterday was my second time getting coached by Rich Brown.

Yeah, I still love it!

I think I even improved since last week (somehow)  He said we all had.  More than once, so it has to be true.

Because we're working a lot of form and the corresponding drills our actual workouts aren't as long as Amy and I are used to.

Of course we normally blow through our drills because we feel so amazingly awkward doing them.

We still do, but it helps having someone who can spot it when we're doing it wrong and tell us right away.  It gives me a chance to look even dorkier when I start doing the drill in little circles after I'm done with the official drill.

This week I really tried to pay attention to driving my knee and making sure I was pumping my arms all the way.  I know now that I don't swing them enough (my arms) and that I don't bring my knee up as far as it should for maximum efficiency.

Our speed workout was 1.7 miles warm up 6 X 200 Meters with 200 Meters jogging recovery.  Then after I ate one of the cookies Amy brought we headed out for our cool down of about a mile.

I actually ran while I ate the cookie, 'cause I'm awesome like that.

Rich gave us some Core Strength training moves to do while Amy and whispered back and forth how awesome this was and how we want to get anther package!

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