Wednesday, October 03, 2012

I may vomit

I am in a very definite fowl mood today.

Even the fact that it ISN'T raining and the sun is out is not cheering me up. (I thought I would have to run in the rain tonight.)

Last night I realized after HOURS of work and 2000 crochet stitches that I had been reading my pattern wrong since row #2.


I wonder if I'll EVER crochet something that I don't end up tearing out three times.

Yes, I had already had to start this pattern over once before.  It turns out that if you use the wrong size of yarn and hook the size gets seriously skewed.

So I started again, careful this time to pick the right sized yarn, and the correct crochet hook...and then apparently decided to just replace the "SC" notations with "DC" notations.

For those who don't speak "crochet" I basically doubled the size of my stitch...every time, every row...for 17 rows.

I'm trying to make this sweater for one of my niece's.  
I didn't realize it until I was re-counting my stitches in an effort to figure out why the pattern wasn't working right.

That alone wouldn't get me in a tiff...nope I also couldn't get to sleep, even after taking a pill.  But when I did doze off I dreamt that I had two baby RATS caught in my hair!  I could feel their little feet scratching to get free in my dream.

So I woke up.  And couldn't get back to sleep.  Then my RLS kicked in.  It felt like waves of muscle contractions from my thighs down to my feet.

This was about the time Grace (my dog) decided it was the perfect time to dedicate herself to self grooming.

3am...lick, lick, lick, lick...pause...lick, lick, lick...on and on.  

Even when I threw two pillows at her. (I don't think I even got close to her in the dark.  Plus she's really mellow, so things like pillows don't really phase her.)  

She didn't even notice when I said "GRACE!" as quietly but firmly as possible.

Jason did though.

It's nice to know that he can sleep through all that, but if I say one word out loud he is sitting straight up in bed ready to react to whatever it was that just happened. (He was really groggy and fell right back to sleep.)

I also am over medicated on Pamprin.

And I have a Tempo run due tonight.  1 easy, 2 mid. 1 easy, 2 mid.  
My favorite...not.

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