Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Harry Potter!

I was my birthday last week and my awesome sister Megan bought me Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1...which completes my set!

This week I have started a Harry Potter movie marathon and so far have survived the re-casting of Dumbledore.

I LOVED Richard Harris as Dumbledore.

I HATE what the directors/screenwriters/Michael Gambon did with the character and frankly looked forward to when he would get killed off so I wouldn't have to suffer through his scenes anymore.

I would have started with a Harry Potter book marathon, but then I would have been more disappointed in all the details left out of the books.

In other news I had an awesome Speed Workout with Coach Rich Brown!

Last week was kind of rough and discouraging because even though I might not be the fastest out there I can usually count on my endurance and it just didn't workout that way...at all.

But THIS week, we did a Pyramid Sprint workout and I didn't suck! (well, not more than usual anyway)

We started with 50 meters and increased each interval by an additional 50 meters until we reached a total of 250 meters.  Then we went back down in 50 meter increments to finish with 50 meters.

The idea was to start at a full out sprint and then decreasing our effort by about 5% with each distance.

My arms went numb on the 250 meter sprint.  (Not full on numb, just "in progress numb")  Rich said that's pretty normal...Or he might have said that most runners start to feel like they are doing all they can to just keep running at that effort so things start feeling weird.

My times were
50 (11 seconds)
100 (19 seconds)
200 (39 seconds)
250 (I"ll be honest I don't remember)

I kept my second set at the same pace except for the last 50 meters I did it in 10 seconds.

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Megan said...

i hate sprints. well, i hate doing them alone. i don't mind doing them if i don't have to keep the pace. it makes me WAY to aware of how hard i'm working and how far i have to go. if someone else does it ai can just get my body moving and then zone out.