Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I might be over thinking it.

I had another awesome speed workout with Coach Rich Brown last night.

I say "awesome" because because I always get so much amazing feed back on my form and running with Rich...but it definitely wasn't "awesome" due to my performance.

We did our drills and only made him laugh at us once...or twice...

We did striders and I felt great!  Fast and contained, not all flayly (oh, that's a real word!)

Then we did 800 meter Repeats with about 1:30 minutes recovery.  Rich really likes short recoveries.

I sucked WIND.

The first repeat my legs got fatigued really quickly but I managed to come in within my goal pace window.

The second one was not so awesome and all I could think about is "I don't want to do this"...yeah, I was a few seconds slower for that one.

The third one was a big hot mess.  Seriously.

I was much slower, and my form was ridiculously bad.  My chin was down, my hands were sneaking up towards my chin and I wasn't "snapping" my elbows back at all.

While we recovered Amy or Heather asked if we were doing more than just one more and I pipped up that if we were I was sitting this one out...beating Rich telling me to sit this one out by about .5 seconds.

Seriously, that last Repeat was horrible.

He gave me a pity 400 meter Repeat to run while Amy and Heather finished up the workout.

I hate having to make the call to not finish a workout.  I feel lame.  I just wish that I could do it through sheer will power but apparently it doesn't really work that way.

(I might also be a bit used to my stubborn nature being able to take up a lot of slack in my life.)

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