Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oly Trot 4 miler

I'll be honest I had some reservations about running in the Oly Trot this year.

Most of them just had to do with my ego.

I've been running slower than I became accustom to last year and I just wasn't sure that I would do that well.

I mean I had my record to uphold!

Somehow I've managed to place in my age group the last two years (the race started in 2010) and I felt it was unlikely that I would be able to do it again.

The first year he weather was HORRIBLE.  It had snowed a couple of days earlier and everything was slushy, icy and COLD so I figure people stayed at home. I got 2nd in my age division

Last year the weather was a little damp but, it's the Pacific Northwest so plenty of people showed up!  I ran a whole minute per mile faster than the first year.  I got 3rd in my age division.

I admit it I'm shallow.  I didn't want to TRY and get a medal and then not- that would suck.  I also just didn't think I could run as fast as I did last year.

I was right.

BUT last year I didn't have a little 3 year old boy cheering for me!

He was adorable!  In his little boy voice he was yelling out "Lady in the green shirt, you're going to get a medal!"

I didn't think he was right, but I did run a little faster:)

And guess what!  I did get a medal!  I managed to keep my streak alive and placed 3rd in my age division.  So thanks little boy for cheering for me:)

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Megan said...

Hey lady in the green shirt! HAve some faith in yourself! :)