Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's Spring! (For Now)

The weather has been AMAZING!

It's been sunny and in the upper 50's for days now and I never want it to stop.

It will of course. If there is one thing you can count on in the Pacific North West is that will rain until July 5th.

Then and only then will it be nice...Until October anyway.

With the sunshine and Day Light Savings, I've been able to do all my runs this week in the day light AND in the sunshine.

Monday's speed went fairly well. I felt good the whole time anyway:)

My workout was 1000 meters (400), 2000 meters (400), 1000 meters (400), 1000 meters (400)
My goal time was 4:15 for 1000 meters and 8:52 2000 meters.

4:17, 8:22, 4:00, 4:21

So not shabby:) My pacing can use some more work though.

Grace was happy for me as well:)

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