Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Starry Sky

I've reached the portion of my training program, where I kind of just want to run the race and be done.

It's that part of training where you feel pretty good, you KNOW you can run the distance and not die and where you're tired of planning long run routes.

Monday, I had my speed workout.

3 X (2 X 1200m with 2 min recovery) 4 minutes between sets

It looks long just reading it.

For some reason thinking of it as just 6 x 1200meters seemed so much more achievable.

The mind is a tricky thing.

Heather came out and ran with me (because she's awesome) so I had company. Company always makes running better:)

There was an amazing headwind on the back half of the track...and a strange absence of a tailwind on the other half:)

After the first two sets I was definitely tired and feeling a little "weird", but with just two left I kept going.

With one left I was a little concerned because I was pretty definitely feeling a bit shaky. I wondered if I should bag it or keep going...

Heather is almost 5 months pregnant so I decided to suck it up and keep running.  Somehow it seemed unnecessarily wussy to quit when she was still out there.

When I finished that last (and slowest) Repeat I thought laying down on the track on my back seemed like an amazing idea...It really was.

The sky was clear and as I lay there I could see hundreds of stars.

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Catherine said...

That photo is from Capitol HS?! WOW. Gorgeous.