Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Paddy's Day Half Marathon 2014

I really love running.

But I love running with people who love running even more!

Saturday morning a big group of us got up before sunrise, met in a parking lot and drove up to Tacoma to run a Half Marathon.

It might have had something to do with the awesomeness of this medal.

My friend Bobbie was our hero and picked up all 17 of our packets. The race was charging a $5 "day of packet pick up" fee, which is stupid. An amazing number of people chose this option.

From back left to right: Amy, Bobbie, Jenny Alice, Melissa, Michele, Erik, Dennis
Larissa, Martinho, Chrissy, me!, Julie (not pictured Rudy and Shawnna)

Larissa always has the cutest running outfits:) Which she should. She's a distributor for, but watch out! She may look cute and blond, but she's got some speed in her!

It was a bit warmer weather than we've been having so I had to do a quick change from my thermal shirt to my "High Five, Oly Style" shirt.  It was a great decision. I WAS going to sew some amazing gold running tights but couldn't find my gold spandex fabric. I wanted to sew a sparkly green skirt, but put it off until there wasn't any sparkly green fabric in two cities.

Originally I was going to be running with Heather, but she wasn't able to make it. So I found myself standing at the starting line with no actual plan on what I wanted to do.

Race it?

Attach myself to on of my friends and stalk them for the entire race?

Run alone?

I ended up running alone, although I was able to say "hi" to my friends Julie, Andy and Jenny when I caught up to them around mile 3. I felt really good so I kept going even though I knew I'd never catch up to Larissa:)

I LOVE out and back courses. I get to see the front runners, which is always fun. They just fly! I also get to see most of my friends and high five them as we pass. I also really like being able to mentally know where I am, what I'll be running and how much further I have to go.

It's NOT my favorite when someone tells me "You're almost there!" when I'm on mile 6 of a half marathon.


It's also not cool to tell a runner that "it's all down hill from here!" when in fact there are no fewer than 4 more hills. One of which is the last quarter mile of the race.


I ran this course last year, so I knew they were full of it, but seriously, that kind of nonsense can break a runners heart!

My friend Josh (married to Chrissy) was awesome. He not only held all our gear during the race, but he also got awesome finish line photos for us!

I don't look like I'm walking! (I was also not willing to let that lady pass me)

I really like how my stride has changed in the last year. I used to kind of look all crunched up at this point
in the race. True, my hands are a little high and I am SLIGHTLY over striding here, but no heal striking!

Julie and I with our bling!

Me, Amy (different Amy) and Chrissy pre- race. That beard bit the dust at mile 3

Chrissy (in her awesome sparkly skirt we made) Bobbie, me, Alice, Michele and Melissa pre race!

Me, Andy, Jenny, Martinho and Julie

Oh, I almost forgot!

I beat Martinho! 

For the first time EVER. After running with him for 4 years I was bound to catch him on a bad day:) He still got 1st in his age division though:)

My time was 1:43:14, 9th in my age, 20th over all woman.


mummydust said...

Nice report. I had not realized that you beat Martinho! You and I go back and forth and usually are pretty close. You did great here and that truly made me happy for you. Andy

uueditor said...

I had a lot of fun. Thank you for your support! Fun fast race you did.