Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Speed or no Speed?

Saturday's race was so much fun!

But the thing is...I don't know that I would say I "raced" it. I felt good the entire time and I didn't have any soreness or stiffness afterwards...So do I need to "recover" from it?

I am in the middle of Marathon Training after all. What's a measly 13.1 miles in the grand scheme of things?

This is what training for a marathon does to you..."only" a half marathon. It also tricks you into believing it's going to be so easy that you end up being dragged home by your running buddy because you didn't eat before or during.

In other news, I apparently never wore my camelback with a V neck shirt before and it ate my collarbone.
Jason thought it was a hicky. Who gives a hicky on a BONE!?
Also...it itches.

Oh, I also managed to pull something in my back on Monday buy standing up to take a nap?

Yeah, I have no idea. But I wondered if running 3 X Mile Repeats would be a good idea.

So I did anyway.

My motto is pretty much "When in doubt, do it anyway." Otherwise I would just sit in the dark and eat candy all day.

I have baby frizz and it was windy. I didn't actually stick my finger in a light socket.

I tried to get some other runners to come out but wasn't able to con any of them into running what might just be my LEAST favorite workout. I DID bump into a running friend in the parking lot and we ran my warm up together, which was really nice.

My goal pace was 7:02 per mile and even though I've been exceeding this goal pretty easily for months now it still gives me a double take.

The thing is, I do great on Long Runs, and even on my Tempo runs...but Speed Work? It's hard work for me. If I were to pick any one workout that I was least likely to make a pace goal at, it would be my speed workouts.

They are hard, and I have to really concentrate on them, and even then, I'm likely to not pace correctly and miss my pace goal. I tell people "You'll beat me in a sprint every time, but give me enough road, and I'll run you down!"

Running Buddy Amy calls me a diesel engine, and it's kind of true.

But I worried for nothing! I exceeded my goals.
6:47, 6:52, 6:47

I kind of zoned out during the middle mile, and that's what I'm blaming those 5 seconds on.

Flat even splits would have been amazing!  

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