Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Slow is a State of Mind

It might surprise people, but I'm an introvert.

I like quiet.

I struggle in large groups of people.

I don't like new situations.

But running has changed so much of that for me. But just when I'm running, or talking about running, or hanging out with my friends who I met through running.

Last week I overheard one of the runners who come out to a group run tell someone that they relate the most to another runner...even though that runner was faster than them...

Even though as a new(er) I have certainly felt like I was different than other runners, it makes me sad to hear people think that they aren't a "real runner" or as much of a runner than others.

Why do we think that the goals the runners in the front are easier for them, than our goals are for us?

A couple of years ago Running Buddy Amy and I were out on a long run and one of our friends who was one of "those" runners was running with us. Amy was teasing him about slumming it with the slow kids.

He looked over at us and asked the very question I posed above.

Why DO we think that runners faster than us have it easier?!

Fast is relative.

Even if you're ranked in the top 10 in the world...there are still 9 people faster than you.

Fast(er) is just doing better than you have before. All of us want to do better than we have before, even those screaming fast elite runners that make us think they have it all!

Competitor Magazine just wrote a fantastic article titled Slow Is A State Of Mind that says everything so much better. I just want to send it to every runner I know and make them see themselves as "real, fast, runners"!

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