Monday, March 24, 2014

Last 20 Miler!...Until the next marathon.

This weekend was amazing!

It was SUNNY the entire time. (well, some of Sunday).

That was ALMOST enough to make up for Amy texting me at 6:54am telling me she was still in bed and was not going to make our run.

I was a little cranky about it.
Mornings do not bring out the best in me.

But in cases like that, it's best to just start running. I got over it in a mile or two.

I DID manage to talk my friend Collin into joining me for 10 miles even though he's faster than me. He's training for Boston as well, but because I moved that 20 miler a couple of weeks ago, our schedules are off.

I felt great the whole time!

20.09 miles with an average of 8:01 per mile. It would have been lower, but I walked up the ginormous hill I had at mile 4. It wasn't a surprise. I knew it was there when I made the route, but I did it anyway.

After training for at least one marathon each year for 4 years, it feels like I have run EVERY road possible in this town. I just moved them into a different order for my run:)

Hey, you do, what you gotta do on long runs.

Between that run and the group I lead I ended up running 25.5 miles. Now that I've had a chance to soak in the tub, wear compression socks for a while and just sit, eat, and nap, I kind of which I had run that extra bit and made it a solid 26.2.

I prepped our garden beds at Chrissy's house! I REALLY wanted to plant things. It was warm, and the dirt is awesome and full of fat earth worms. Perfect for planting...anywhere else.

Chrissy said we can have another bed! We also need to top off the dirt.  I planted Kale, Spinach and a Lettuce blend in the tiny bed.

I have to be strong and wait for Mothers Day.  I did start seeds inside though.
These are Sugar Span Peas. They are bigger already!

After all that hard work I needed food. I HIGHLY recommend this recipe. Absolutely delicious!
Spicy Honey Chicken Salad. With Avocado and MANGO! With a Citrus dressing

You can find the recipe at Our Best Bites. I added the suggested Red Onion as well as a splash of Cilantro.


What kind of weather do you love to run in?

What's your favorite post run food? 
(Don't worry, I ate more than that salad:) 

What race are you excited to run this year? 


Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

I'm really sorry I bailed on you!

The garden is looking good! I need to start prepping mine. Want to come over and weed?

Terra said...

Maybe...I do like gardening:) I don't even mind weeding. Our beds had lovely dark dirt with fat earth worms all over the place!